Medical centre IT management

TheTubes specialises in managing IT for medical centres. Through years of experience, our team has developed a clear understanding of this complex business environment. We have the knowledge to provide succinct IT solutions which minimise risks to business continuity and security.

Specialised knowledge

When it comes to business continuity and security, we understand medical centres are high-risk environments. Our team is experienced in delivering secure systems for managing private data, including patient records. Our comprehension of the day-to-day intricacies involved in running a general practice also allow us to streamline complex processes for smoother operations.

eHealth Setup & Mangement

Our team can provide guidance and assistance in the implementation of eHealth initiatives including MyHealth records, ePrescribing and Safescript, allowing your practice to move seamlessly and securely into its next phase of modern digitisation.

Security threat management

Data security is integral to the success and reputation of medical centre businesses. Our experts ensure general practice clients are appropriately protected against external threats and that data, including sensitive patient records, are stored securely and easily managed

Fully managed solutions

Our full-service support agreements cover clients for end user support, external provider support and server and infrastructure support. When you sign on with us, you know we are on hand to respond to any of your tech-related questions or concerns without incurring unexpected costs.

Documentation for accreditation

We're experienced in providing the documentation required to comply with standards for procedures and accreditation relating to general practices.

Reliable and available systems and data

We provide built-in redundancies and processes to improve the availability of your system. This means you can rest assured that in the event of a failure, your medical centre can continue to operate. Clients who opt for these redundancies and systems reduce their risk of downtime and business interruption. We can also organise for your data to be securely backed up off-site so that in the event of a serious disaster, it can be easily recovered.


In the ever-changing landscape that is general practice, we build paperless, digital processes including setting up electronic faxing and secure messaging applications.

Onsite and private cloud solutions

TheTubes can install and maintain physical servers on your premises or provide cloud-based solutions with limited hardware onsite. Physical on site servers can require a significant capital expenditure and come with their own risks around security redundancy. A private cloud solution has a monthly operational expenditure with the backing of an enterprise data hosting environment to maintain availability and security.

Medical Director/PracSoft and Best Practice

We have years of experience in the installation and maintenance of Medical Director/PracSoft and Best Practice and can assist practices in ensuring the efficient management of their appointments, billing, reporting and Medicare online claiming processes.

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