Our Melbourne and Sydney based private cloud and hosting services are secure and monitored around the clock. This, coupled with the peace-of-mind of knowing we're using quality hardware from trusted vendors, reduces the stress associated with managing your business data.

24-hour network

We have processes in place which alert us to any changes to our data services, 24-hours a day. This allows us to quickly tend to and resolve issues as they arise.


We ensure your business information is securely stored, backed up and easily accessible - making anxiety about managing electronic files a thing of the past. Information is encrypted to ensure security, creating safe 'tunnels' for transferring your information between data centre facilities and branch offices.

Data redundancies and replication

Our built-in redundancies mean in the event of a system failure, data can be easily restored and your business can continue to operate, reducing the risk of interruption and downtime.

Hardware from industry leading manufacturers

Our private cloud and hosting services are built using quality hardware from trusted suppliers. We know our clients need the most reliable and secure technology available and we source the best products from leading manufacturers.


We can transfer existing data workloads to the cloud, to ensure they are secure, backed up and workable.


Our local support team provides reassurance to clients who know we have people on the ground, ready to help. Being local means we get to know our clients and understand the unique needs of their businesses, so if a data issue does arise, we quickly provide a solution tailored to their needs.